Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Brake Master Cylinder
The fluid level in the master cylinder should be checked
when performing under hood services, or immediately if
the brake system warning light is on.
Be sure to clean the top of the master cylinder area before
removing the cap. If necessary, add fluid to bring the
fluid level up to the requirements described on the brake
fluid reservoir. Fluid level can be expected to fall as the
brake pads wear. Brake fluid level should be checked
when pads are replaced. However, low fluid level may be
caused by a leak and a checkup may be needed.
Use brake fluid approved to MB 331.0, or a DOT 4 brake
fluid with: minimum dry boiling point (ERBP) 500°F,
minimum wet boiling point (WERBP) 356°F, maximum
viscosity 1500 mm
/s, conforming to FMVSS 116 and
ISO 4925.
Use of a brake fluid that may have a lower initial
boiling point or unidentified as to specification, may
result in sudden brake failure during hard pro-
longed braking. You could have an accident.
Use only brake fluid that has been in a tightly closed
container to avoid contamination from foreign mat-
ter. Use of contaminated fluid may result in reduced
brake performance or a sudden brake failure. You
could have an accident.