Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Program mode selector switch
The transmission is provided with a selector switch for
Standard “S” and Winter/Wet “W” (snow and ice) pro-
gram modes.
For standard mode, press the “S” symbol on the switch.
Use this mode for all regular driving. The vehicle starts
out in FIRST gear.
Depressing the accelerator pedal rapidly or nearly to the
floor while driving (kickdown position), rather than
depressing the accelerator pedal in slow, small move-
ments, will cause the automatic transmission to shift
down into a lower gear. Rapid release of the accelerator
pedal will normally result in an upshift. This gear shift-
ing process is dependent on the current vehicle speed.
For Winter/Wet (snow and ice) mode, press the “W”
symbol on the switch. The vehicle starts out in SECOND
gear, unless FIRST gear has been selected, or the accel-
erator pedal is in the kickdown position. The “W” mode
helps to improve traction and driving stability of the
vehicle. The gear shifting process occurs at lower vehicle
and engine speeds than in the “S” program mode.
Never change the program mode when the selector
lever is out of the PARK position. It could result in a
change of driving characteristics for which you may
not be prepared.