Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

To maneuver in tight areas, control the vehicle speed by
gradually releasing the brakes. Accelerate gently and
never abruptly step on the accelerator.
To rock a vehicle out of soft ground (mud or snow),
alternately shift from forward to reverse, while applying
only slight acceleration. Rocking a vehicle free in this
manner may cause the ABS or traction system malfunc-
tion indicator light to come on. Turn off the engine and
restart the engine to clear the malfunction indication.
Park Position
The PARK position is to be used when parking the
vehicle. Engage only with the vehicle stopped. The PARK
position is not intended to serve as a brake when the
vehicle is parked. Rather, the driver should always use
the parking brake in addition to placing the selector lever
in PARK to secure the vehicle.
The key can be removed from the ignition
switch only with the selector lever in the PARK position.
With the key removed, the selector lever is locked in the
PARK position.