Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

the vehicle and then readjust the headlights to the
original position. If any further adjustments are neces-
sary contact your manufacturer’s dealer. A detailed ser-
vice procedure is contained in the manufacturer’s Service
Manual. Information on purchasing a Service Manual can
be found at the back of this Owner’s Manual.
We recommend that you follow these guidelines before
storing your Crossfire for extended periods.
Fill the gas tank. This will prevent water condensation
inside the tank. If you plan on storing your vehicle
more than two months, add an anti-oxidant fuel
stabilizer to the gas tank.
Change the oil to remove any corrosive combustion-
related acids in the crankcase.
Wash and wax the vehicle to protect the finish.
Cover the vehicle whenever possible to prevent acci-
dental damage to the finish.
Store the vehicle in a dry, well-ventilated location.
If the vehicle will be subjected to freezing tempera-
tures, remove the battery and store it in a dry, well-
ventilated place. If the vehicle is not going to be driven
in the next three weeks, follow the battery recharge
procedure in the Service Manual, then disconnect the
battery at the negative terminal.
Use care when disconnecting the remote positive
cable. It is connected to the battery and can short out
to any metal on the vehicle. Always tape or wrap the
exposed cable end to prevent electrical shorts.
Disconnecting the battery causes the engine control sys-
tem to lose memory of some “learned” functions. The
engine may run rough when first started after a battery
disconnect until the control module “relearns” these