Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The seat belt indicator light will remain lit until the seat
belts are fastened.
15. Charging System Indicator Light
Should the charging system indicator light
fail to come on prior to starting when the key
is in the ignition switch in the ON/RUN
position, or should it fail to go out after
starting or during operation, it indicates a malfunction
that must be repaired immediately at an authorized
If the charging system indicator light comes on, or a loss
of power steering assistance is noticeable while the
engine is running, this may indicate that the accessory
drive belt has broken. Should this condition occur, the
belt must be replaced before continuing to operate the
The accessory drive belt also drives the water pump.
Operating the vehicle with a failed belt can cause
engine overheating and possible severe engine dam-
16. High Beam Indicator Light
This indicator will illuminate when the
headlights are in the high beam setting.
To activate the high beams, push the multifunction
control lever past the point of resistance, toward the
instrument panel.
17. Electronic Digital Clock
A digital readout in the instrument cluster shows the
time in hours and minutes whenever the ignition switch
is in the ON/RUN or ACC position.
When the ignition switch is in the OFF/LOCK position,
timekeeping is accurately maintained.