Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

It is essential when replacing the cables on the
battery that the positive cable is attached to the
positive post and the negative cable is attached to the
negative post. Battery posts are marked positive (+)
and negative (-) and identified on the battery case.
Cable clamps should be tight on the terminal posts
and free of corrosion. Apply grease to posts and
clamps after tightening.
If a “fast charger” is used while the battery is in the
vehicle, disconnect both vehicle battery cables be-
fore connecting the charger to battery. Do not use a
“fast charger” to provide starting voltage as battery
damage can result.
Air Conditioner
Check the air conditioning system at the start of the
warm weather season.
If your air conditioning performance seems
lower than expected, check the front of the A/C con-
denser for an accumulation of dirt or insects. Clean with
a gentle water spray from behind the radiator and
through the condenser as required. Fabric front fascia
protectors may reduce air flow to the condenser, reducing
air conditioning performance.
The air conditioning system contains refrigerant
under high pressure. To avoid risk of personal injury
or damage to the system, adding refrigerant or any
repair requiring lines to be disconnected should be
done by an experienced repair person.
Refrigerant Recovery And Recycling
The air conditioning system of your vehicle contains
R-134a, a refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer
in the upper atmosphere. The DaimlerChrysler Corpora-
tion recommends that air conditioning service be done by
facilities using refrigerant recycling and recovery equip-
ment that meets SAE standard J1991.