Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Tow-Away Alarm
Once the alarm system has been armed, the exterior
vehicle lights will flash and an alarm will sound when
anyone attempts to raise the vehicle for towing. The
alarm will last approximately three minutes in the form
of flashing exterior lights. At the same time, an alarm will
sound for 30 seconds. The alarm will stay on even if the
vehicle is immediately lowered. To cancel the alarm,
insert the key in the ignition switch or press the transmit
button on the key fob.
To prevent triggering the tow-away alarm feature, press
the tow-away alarm switch to turn off the tow-away
alarm before towing the vehicle, or when parking on a
surface subject to movement, such as a ferry or auto train.
To do so, turn the key in the ignition switch to the
OFF/LOCK or ACC positions, or remove key from the
ignition switch. Press the upper half of the tow-away
alarm switch. The indicator light will illuminate briefly.
Then, exit the vehicle and lock with a key or the remote
control. The tow-away alarm remains switched off until
the vehicle is locked again with a key or the remote
control, at which time it is automatically reactivated.