Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Relying on the airbags alone could lead to more
severe injuries in a collision. The airbags work
with your seat belt to restrain you properly. In
some collisions the airbags won’t deploy at all.
Always wear your seat belts even though you
have airbags.
Being too close to the steering wheel or instru-
ment panel during airbag deployment could cause
serious injury.
Airbags need room to inflate. Sit back, comfort-
ably extending your arms to reach the steering
wheel or instrument panel.
The side airbags also need room to inflate. Do not
lean against the door. Sit upright in the center of
the seat.
Airbag System Components
The airbag system consists of the following:
Airbag control module and internal crash sensor
AIRBAG readiness light
Driver and passenger frontal airbag/inflator units
Driver and passenger side airbag/inflator units
Passenger airbag On/Off switch and indicator light
Unique steering wheel and column
Unique instrument panel
Interconnecting wiring
Knee impact bolster
Side impact sensors
How the Front Airbag System Works
A crash sensor in the occupant compartment deter-
mines if a frontal impact is severe enough to require
the airbag. The sensor will not detect side, roll over, or
rear impacts. The sensor is connected to the diagnostic
unit and to the airbag/inflator unit.