Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Perform the quick system check which follows: Use
the remote transmitter to set the alarm. If the parking
lamps flash three times, the system is operating prop-
erly. If not, there is a problem with a switch or the
system. See your authorized dealer for service.
Emergency Unlocking Feature
In the case of an accident, the doors unlock automatically
a short time after a strong deceleration is detected, such
as in a collision (this is intended to aid rescue and exit).
However, the key must still be in the ignition.
Start Lockout
Removing the key from the ignition switch activates the
start lockout. The engine cannot be started. Turning the
key to the ON/RUN position deactivates the start lock-
out. If the engine cannot be started, and the messages
START and ERROR are shown in the odometer display
field, the system is not operational. Contact an autho-
rized dealer.
This feature allows you to lock or unlock the vehicle from
remote locations using a hand-held transmitter located in
the key fob. You don’t have to point the transmitter at the
vehicle to activate the system. The vehicle doors, rear
liftgate/decklid, fuel filler door, and center console (road-
ster only) can be locked and unlocked using the remote
To Unlock the Doors:
Press and release the unlock button on the key fob.
If within 40 seconds of unlocking with the key
fob, neither door is opened, the key is not inserted in the
ignition switch, or the central locking switch is not
activated, the vehicle will automatically lock.