Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

If the vehicle is towed with the front axle raised (see
the What To Do In Emergencies section in this
manual), the engine must be shut off (key in the
ignition switch turned to the OFF/LOCK or ACC
position). Otherwise, the ESP will immediately be
engaged and will apply the rear wheel brakes.
When the ESP warning light is illuminated
continuously, the ESP is switched off. Adapt your speed
and driving to the prevailing road conditions.
Avoid spinning of one drive wheel. This may
cause serious damage to the drivetrain which is not
covered by the DaimlerChrysler Limited Warranty.
If the ESP warning light flashes during accel-
eration, ease up on the accelerator.
ESP should not be switched off during normal
driving. Disabling of the system under normal operating
conditions will eliminate the benefits of the ESP system.
Synchronizing ESP
If the power supply was interrupted (battery discon-
nected or discharged), the BAS/ESP malfunction indica-
tor light may be illuminated with the engine running. To
re-synchronize the ESP, and cancel the malfunction indi-
cator light, the steering angle sensor will need to be
1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON/RUN position.
2. Rotate the steering wheel to the center position.
3. Rotate the steering wheel completely to the left, and
then rotate the steering wheel completely to the right.
4. Bring the steering wheel back to the center position.
5. The BAS/ESP malfunction indicator light will go out.
If the BAS/ESP malfunction indicator light is still illumi-
nated, the vehicle should be serviced at an authorized