Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The convertible top does not provide the structural
protection that a reinforced metal roof does and the
fabric top cannot be expected to prevent the ejection
of the occupants of a vehicle in a collision. There-
fore, it is important that all occupants wear their seat
belts at all times when riding in a convertible.
Studies have shown that it is generally safer to
remain inside a vehicle during a collision than to be
ejected from the vehicle.
For safety reasons, the convertible top should only be
opened and closed when the vehicle is standing still. Top
operation is allowed up to a maximum of 9 mph (15
km/h). Above this speed, top operation will cease and an
audible warning will sound. The top operation can be
resumed after the vehicle is below the maximum speed
by pressing the convertible top switch again.
Before operating the switch for the convertible top,
make sure that no persons can be injured by the
moving parts (convertible top frame and tonneau
Hands must never be placed near the sport bar,
convertible top frame, upper windshield area, shelf
behind sport bar, or convertible top storage compart-
ment while the convertible top is being raised or
lowered. Serious personal injury may occur.
If potential danger exists, release the convertible top
switch. This immediately interrupts the raising or
lowering procedure. You then can operate the con-
vertible top switch to raise or lower the convertible
top away from the danger zone.