Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

apparent on ice and snow. The anti-lock brake system
pump motor makes a low humming noise during opera-
tion, which is normal.
Pumping of the brake pedal will diminish the effec-
tiveness of the anti-lock brakes and may lead to an
accident. Pumping makes the stopping distance
longer. Just press firmly on your brake pedal when
you need to slow down or stop.
During severe braking conditions, a pulsing
sensation may occur and a clicking noise will be heard.
This is normal, indicating that the anti-lock brake system
is functioning.
The ABS malfunction indicator light in the instrument
cluster comes on with the key in the ignition switch
turned to the ON/RUN position, and should go out with
the engine running. If the ABS light does not illuminate
briefly during this procedure, or remains on after the
engine is running, have the system checked by an autho-
rized dealer.
When the ABS malfunction indicator light in the instru-
ment cluster comes on while the engine is running, it
indicates that the ABS has detected a malfunction and has
switched off. In this case, the brake system functions in
the usual manner, but without antilock assistance. With
the ABS malfunctioning, the BAS and ESP are also
switched off. Both malfunction indicator lights come on
with the engine running. If the charging voltage falls