Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Do not attempt to tow this vehicle from the front
with sling-type towing equipment. Damage to the
front fascia will result.
Always use wheel lift equipment when towing
from the front. The only other approved method
of towing is with a flatbed truck.
Do not tow the vehicle from the rear. Damage to
the rear sheet metal and fascia will occur.
Do not push or tow this vehicle with another
vehicle as damage to the bumper fascia and trans-
mission may result.
Towing Eyes
The vehicle is equipped with front and rear towing eyes
to allow towing with the wheels on the ground or to
allow the vehicle to be easily drawn up on a flatbed tow
truck. The rear towing eye is located on the right side of
the vehicle below the rear fascia. The front hook is
located behind the lower grille in the fascia. For access, a
snap-in grille must be removed using the multifunction
tool from the glovebox.