Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The display can be adjusted with the knob/button lo-
cated to the left of the clock.
18. Gear Indicator
For automatic transmission vehicles, the current gear
shift selector range is indicated in the gear range indica-
tor display.
19. Push Button for Time Setting
To adjust the time display, turn the key in the ignition
switch to the ON/RUN or ACC position. The knob/
button located just to the left of the clock is used to
change the time. Pull out the knob and turn it to the left
for hour adjustment; pull out the knob and turn it to the
right for minute adjustment.
Time is set 5 seconds after adjusting the minute setting.
20. Trip Odometer, Flexible Service System (FSS)
This display shows the distance traveled since last reset.
To reset:
Press the button to the left of the display once (with
the key in the ON/RUN position).
Press the button twice (with the key removed or in
the OFF/LOCK or ACC position).
21. Main Odometer, Flexible Service System (FSS)
This shows the total distance the vehicle has been driven.
U.S. Federal regulations require that upon transfer of
vehicle ownership, the seller certify to the purchaser the
correct distance that the vehicle has been driven. There-
fore, if the odometer reading is changed during repair or
replacement be sure to keep a record of the reading
before and after service so that the correct distance can be
22. Push Button for Activating the Instrument
Cluster, Intensity of Instrument Lights, for Resetting
Trip Odometer and Flexible Service System (FSS)
Press the knob/button to illuminate the display. To vary
the intensity of the instrument cluster lights, rotate the