Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

The operational readiness of the side airbag system is
verified by the airbag indicator light in the instrument
cluster when turning the key in the ignition switch to
the ON/RUN position. If no fault is detected, the light
will go out after approximately four seconds. After the
light goes out, the system continues to monitor the
components and circuitry of the airbag system and
will indicate a malfunction by coming on again. If the
light does not come on at all, or if it fails to go out after
the four seconds, or if it comes on thereafter, a mal-
function in the system has been detected. See your
authorized dealer for service.
The door mounted side airbag deploys with con-
siderable force. Being too close to the door panel
during airbag deployment could cause serious
injury or death.
All occupants must be in the appropriate restraint
for their size and age, especially children 12 and
To help avoid the potential for serious injury and
death should the side airbag be activated, please
follow these guidelines:
1. Occupants, especially children, should never lean
against the door in the area where the side airbag
2. Occupants need to sit upright in the center of the
seat to give the side airbag room to inflate;
3. Always use the appropriate restraint for the occu-
pant and ensure it is properly used.