Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

ammonia based cleaners to clean your leather upholstery.
Application of a leather conditioner is not required to
maintain the original condition.
The use of vinyl, leather or plastic protectants may
cause excessive gloss and/or discoloration of interior
trim parts.
Do not use volatile solvents for cleaning purposes.
Many are potentially flammable, and if used in
closed areas they may cause respiratory harm.
Cleaning Headlights
Your vehicle has plastic headlights that are lighter and
less susceptible to stone breakage than glass headlights.
Plastic is not as scratch resistant as glass and therefore
different lens cleaning procedures must be followed.
To minimize the possibility of scratching the lenses and
reducing light output, avoid wiping with a dry cloth. To
remove road dirt, wash with a mild soap solution fol-
lowed by rinsing.
Do not use abrasive cleaning components, solvents, steel
wool or other aggressive material to clean the lenses.
Glass Surfaces
All glass surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis
with any commercial household-type glass cleaner.
Never use an abrasive-type cleaner. Use caution when
cleaning inside rear windows equipped with electric
defrosters. Do not use scrapers or other sharp instru-
ments which may scratch the elements.
Instrument Panel Cover
The instrument panel cover has a low glare surface which
minimizes reflections in the windshield. Do not use
protectants or other products which may cause undesir-
able reflections. Use soap and warm water to restore the
low glare surface.