Chrysler 2006 Crossfire Automobile User Manual

Relative Time Display (T)
Press the multifunction button T for the time of the
currently playing track to be displayed for approxi-
mately eight seconds.
Random Play (RP)
Press the multifunction button RP for random genera-
tion of the next track to be played. Press the button
again to cancel the feature.
To protect the unit from excessive heat, a
temperature protection device has been integrated into
the circuitry. When a high operating temperature is
detected, CD TEMP is displayed for eight seconds and
the unit switches back to the last source (AM or FM).
Allow sufficient cool down time and retry.
User Menu
The following functions can be customized to your
personal needs in the user menu:
USER User Memory
M/S Mono/Stereo Setting
DRIVER Left/Right Hand Drive Setting
PHONE Telephone Characteristics
To enter the USER menu, press the OPT button for more
than three seconds. USER then appears on the display,
and another user action must be entered within six
seconds or this menu is exited automatically. Your cur-
rent setting can be cancelled and the selections made will
be saved by pressing either the CD, AM, FM or TP
buttons momentarily.
User Memory (USER 1, 2, 3)
You can program up to three user memories, which saves
the sound settings, and the last received station when the
unit is switched off. To activate, first enter the user menu.
One of the three users can now be selected by turning the
right rotary/push button. You can also call up the
Mono/Stereo setting by pressing the right rotary/push
button at this time.