Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
Hiding the Ships
Heading Marker
To change the center:
1. Move the cursor over the center of the radar picture, until the letters
CTR are
2. Press
ENTER to take cursor control of the center point. The cursor changes
to a four-headed arrow.
3. Move the cursor to the required off-center position.
4. Press
ENTER again to set the position and return to normal cursor control.
Figure 2-8: Radar Display with an Offset Center
To return the center of the radar picture to the center of the screen, repeat step 1
and then press the
CLEAR key. The center is always reset to the center of the
display when you turn on the Radar display.
Note: When the center is offset, additional range rings are displayed to the
edge of the radar picture, at the standard ring interval for the current range. If
you have selected the longest range scale, you cannot offset the center.
Hiding the Ships Heading Marker (SHM)
The radar picture includes the ship’s heading marker, which is a line from your
vessel’s position to the edge of the picture at the vessel’s current heading. In
the standard Head Up mode, the heading marker is always a vertical line.
If you wish to check for small targets that may be hidden under the heading
marker, you can hide it momentarily using the context-sensitive cursor.
To hide the heading marker:
1. Position the cursor over the heading marker, so that the text
SHM is dis-
2. Press and hold
CLEAR. The heading marker is hidden until you release the
CLEAR key.
Offset centre
Bearing scale markers
adjusted to point
towards the offset
centre position
T 1.20nm
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