Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

Appendix D: SeaTalk and NMEA Data Received and Transmitted D-1
SeaTalk and NMEA
Data Received and
Appendix D:SeaTalk and NMEA Data
Received and Transmitted
The following table defines the data received on the NMEA/SeaTalk ports.
Data sources are listed in order of priority except where indicated.
* If Magnetic Heading is not available, the True Heading and Variation (if available) are used to
generate the magnetic heading.
Data Received Source
Position (LAT/LON) SeaTalk, GGA, RMC, RMA, GLL
Position (Loran C TDs) GLC, RMA, GTD
Speed and Course Over Ground SeaTalk, RMC, RMA, VTG
Waypoint Data SeaTalk, RMB, APB, BWC, BWR, RMB, XTE
Depth SeaTalk, DBT, DPT
Apparent Wind Angle and Speed SeaTalk, MWV (relative)
Boat Speed Through Water SeaTalk, VHW
Total Log and Trip Log SeaTalk, VLW
Water Temperature SeaTalk, MTW
Average Boat Speed through the Water SeaTalk only
Heading HDG, HDM, HDT, VHW, SeaTalk,
Locked Heading SeaTalk only (Autopilot / Steering Compass)
Magnetic Variation SeaTalk, RMC, RMA, HDG
Rudder Angle (not displayed) SeaTalk only
Time (No priority) SeaTalk, ZDA, GGA, RMC, GLL, BWC, BWR
Date SeaTalk, ZDA, RMC
MOB data SeaTalk only
Autopilot Status (Standby / Auto / Vane / Track) SeaTalk only
Cursor Range and Bearing (from Chartplotter)
Cursor Range and Bearing (from Radar)
SeaTalk only
SeaTalk, RSD
Global Alarms - Watch alarm, Wind alarm,
Autopilot alarms, Depth alarms.
Waypoint arrival
SeaTalk Only
SeaTalk, RMB, APB
Waypoint/Route Transfer SeaTalk, WPL, RTE
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