Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 5: Standard Chart Operations 5-41
Managing Tracks
Press CLEAR to abort the Clear Track operation.
The current track is cleared from the screen and the default soft keys are
Managing Tracks
Although it is easy to set up a track, and this track is retained even if you switch
off your display, you can store a number of different tracks so that you can
review them at a later date. This section explains how to perform the following
Save and Name a track.
Name, Erase and Show an existing track.
Saving and Naming a Track
You can save up to 5 named tracks in the Track List. These tracks can be re-
displayed at a later date.
To save and name the current track:
1. Press the
MORE soft key followed by the TRACK LIST soft key. The track list
pop-up and associated soft keys are displayed.
2. The next available entry on the track list is highlighted.
(If required, you can use the trackpad to select another position in the list;
this can be a blank slot, or an existing track that you no longer require).
3. Press
SAVE TRACK. The name track soft keys are displayed.
4. If you do not wish to name or rename the track, press the NO soft key (or
CLEAR) to clear the list. The track is saved and is listed as Track Not
If you wish to name the track press the
YES soft key. Use the trackpad to
move the cursor right or left to the character you wish to edit. Then use the
top or bottom of the trackpadto increase or decrease the letter or number.
You can use a Navigator Keypad (see Using the ST60 or ST80 Navigator
Keypad on page 5-15) to name the track.
5. Press
ENTER to finish and clear the Track List, then to return to the default
soft key display, press
ENTER again or CLEAR.
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