Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 8: Installation 8-5
Selecting the Display
Unit Location
8.3 Selecting the Display Unit Location
The display unit can be mounted using the mounting bracket supplied, or
console mounted using the optional flush-mounting kit.
The dimensions of the display units, including the bracket, is shown in
Figure 8-3.
When planning the display installation, the following should be considered to
ensure reliable and trouble free operation:
Convenience: The contrast and colors seen on all LCD displays vary
slightly with viewing angle; this is more noticeable on the left hand side.
Power the unit and select a suitable mounting location prior to installing
the display.
The mounting location should be easily accessible to allow operation of
the front panel controls.
Access: There must be sufficient space behind the display to allow cable
connections to the rear panel connectors, avoiding tight bends in the cable.
Interference: The selected location should be far enough away from
devices that may cause interference, such as motors, generators and radio
transmitter/receivers (see the EMC guidelines earlier in this section).
Magnetic compass: Mount the display unit at least 3 ft (1m) away from a
magnetic compass.
Cable runs: The display unit must be located near a DC power source. The
power cable supplied is 4.9 ft. (1.5m), but a longer cable can be used if
required: refer to Section 8.4.
The maximum length of cable between a master display and the scanner
unit should not normally exceed 60 ft. (20 m). If you need to use a longer
cable, refer to the Pathfinder Radar Scanner Owner’s Handbook.
Environment: Do not restrict airflow at the rear of the display unit;
the display incorporates Cold Cathode Florescent Lamps (CCFL),
which have a reduced light output when the unit is very hot.
Ensure there is adequate ventilation, particularly if the display unit is
The display should be protected from physical damage and excessive
vibration. Although the display unit is waterproof, it is good practice to
mount it in a protected area away from prolonged and direct exposure to
rain and salt spray.
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