Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
Customizing the
Screen Presentation
Data Boxes
A group of up to six data boxes can be displayed, if the information is available
on your system. You select which data is displayed in the boxes during
system set up as described in Chapter 7:Setting Up the System Defaults.
The default data box positions are along the bottom of the display. Each box
can be moved to the required position on the screen using the context-sensitive
Note: If you select BDI, CDI or Nav Data for display in a half-screen window,
the data boxes are temporarily hidden.
At any time, you can switch the group of data boxes on or off using the
soft key. When first installed, the boxes are all OFF. When the display unit is
switched off and on again, the data boxes return to their last-used states (
ON or
OFF) and positions.
Note: The
SCREEN soft key does not control the sixteen data boxes that can be
displayed in the half-screen window.
To switch the group of data boxes on or off:
1. Press the
SCREEN default soft key.
2. Press the
DATABOXES soft key to toggle the setting from ON to OFF or from
OFF to ON.
To return to the default soft key display, press
If you turn the data boxes on and none are displayed, you need to select the
ones you require using the system set up menu, as described in Section 7.3,
System Set Up Parameters.
To move any data box:
1. Use the trackpad to position the cursor over the box until the letters
BOX are
2. Press
ENTER to take control of the box, use the trackpad to move it to the
required position, and press
ENTER again.
Waypoint Display - Radar mode
If you are currently going to a waypoint, you can display the active waypoint
on the radar picture. The waypoint may have been generated locally on the
chartplotter, or received via the SeaTalk or NMEA interface.
Note: If you use the
GOTO CURSOR function, the active cursor is displayed as a
lollipop symbol on the radar.
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