Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
Mounting the Display
Make sure there are no hidden electrical wires or other items behind the
location before proceeding. Make sure there is sufficient rear access for
mounting and cabling.
1. Check the selected location for the unit.A clear, flat area at least 9 in (230
mm) wide by 8¼ in (210 mm) high, with at least 6 in (152 mm) of clearance
behind the panel, is required.
2. Unpack the flush-mounting kit.
3. Using the supplied template, trace out the display unit opening.
4. Drill a ½ in (12.7 mm) pilot hole in each corner of the cut-out area.
5. Using a suitable saw, cut along the inside edge of the cut-out line.
6. Remove the mounting bracket knobs and bracket from the display unit.
Make sure that the unit fits in the cut-out area.
If the optional screw fitting is required, drill four 3/16 in (5 mm) holes as
indicated on the template.
Screw the studs into the holes provided at the rear of the display.
7. Connect the DC power cable, inter-unit cable, and any other accessory
cables to the display. Avoid tight bends in the cables.
8. Place the gasket on the unit and slide the unit into the panel cut-out.
9. Use the flush-mounting kit to secure the unit to the console.
Alternatively, place a spacer over each of the four studs and secure with
the thumb nuts.
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