Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

This handbook covers the radar and chart aspects of the following
(PLUS) series display systems from Raymarine:
This handbook also describes the use of multi-display systems.
Note: Radar systems are supplied with an appropriate Raymarine scanner
unit and inter-connecting cable. Details for installing the scanner are de-
scribed in the Pathfinder Radar Scanner Owner’s Handbook.
The Raychart (RC) display units include a cartridge holder assembly which
contains two slots for C-MAP NT chart cards.
This handbook contains very important information on the installation and
operation of your new equipment. In order to obtain the best results in
operation and performance, please read this handbook thoroughly.
Raymarine’s Technical Services representatives or your local dealer will be
available to answer any questions you may have.
To register your
series display unit ownership, please take a few minutes
to fill out the warranty registration card found at the end of this handbook. It is
very important that you complete the owner information and return the card to
the factory in order to receive full warranty benefits.
EMC Conformance
All Raymarine equipment and accessories are designed to the best industry
standards for use in the recreational marine environment.
The design and manufacture of Raymarine equipment and accessories
conform to the appropriate Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards,
but correct installation is required to ensure that performance is not
System Display Scanner Chartplotter
Pathfinder Radar RL70 PLUS Yes No
Raychart Chartplotter RC520PLUS No Yes
Combined Pathfinder Radar/Chartplotter RL70RC PLUS Yes Yes
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