Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 7: Setting Up the System Defaults 7-1
Chapter 7: Setting Up the System Defaults
7.1 Introduction
Once you have installed your display unit and are familiar with its basic
operation (described in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2), you need to set it up so that
it obtains the correct information from the equipment you have connected it to,
operates according to your requirements, and displays information according
to your preferences.
This is achieved using the soft key controls that are displayed when you press
MENU key.
In most cases, you will only need to use the
MENU key options when you first
set up your system. However, you may decide to change the way you have
customized some aspects, such as the screen and help setting, as you become
more familiar with your system.
Once you have set the values, they remain as the default settings until you reset
them; they are retained even if you power off your display.
This chapter covers the following topics:
Changing the default set up parameters
System parameter functions and default settings
Radar-specific parameter functions and default settings
MARPA specific parameters and default settings
Advanced Radar functions
Chart specific parameter functions and default settings
You should check the functions of the parameters, and decide on the new
settings, before making the changes.
Note: The
SYSTEM SET UP menu option from the chartplotter display is the
same as that accessed from theradar display
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