Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
Switching the Display
On and Off
2.2 Switching the Display On and Off
If you have a combined Radar/Chartplotter, the factory default power-up
mode is radar. Once you have used the display unit it powers-up in the last used
mode. The following sections describe the power-up sequence in radar and
chart modes, how to adjust the lighting and how to select simulator mode.
Radar Mode
This section explains how to switch the radar display and scanner on and off,
and how to switch the scanner between Transmit, Standby and Scanner Off
You normally operate your radar in transmit mode, but you can use the display
unit without the scanner operating as follows:
Standby mode: You should use this mode when you are not operating the
radar for short time periods. The scanner does not transmit and the antenna
does not rotate, so the radar uses less power. However, the scanner remains
powered so when you return to transmit mode, the magnetron does not need to
warm up.
Scanner off mode: You should use this mode when you do not require the
radar, but you are using the display unit say, for chart data or data from another
source. Scanner off mode removes power from the scanner.
To switch the display on, press and hold the POWER key until the unit beeps.
If the unit was last used in Radar mode, the keys light up, the display shows the
Pathfinder graphic, followed by the start-up information illustrated below, and
the radar starts the magnetron warm-up sequence.
Figure 2-1: Switching on the Radar Display
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