Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
The Pathfinder Radar
PLUS Display
The Pathfinder Radar
PLUS Display
1.2 The Pathfinder Radar PLUS Display
When a scanner is connected and the radar is in Transmit mode, the radar
picture provides a map-like representation of the area in which the radar is
operating. Typically, your ship’s position is at the centre of the display, and its
dead ahead bearing is indicated by a vertical heading line, known as the Ship’s
Heading Marker (SHM).
The radar picture can be viewed with a variety of fixed or customised range
scales. A status bar at the top of the radar image displays range, current
heading and mode indicators for the various options you can set.
An example radar picture is shown on the next page, with example radar
returns (echoes) and default Pathfinder Radar information. The Status Bar is
also illustrated.
The radar display can show additional information, depending on your
currently selected options, set up selections and the data available from other
equipment. The example displays on the following pages show some of these
Functions are available to control the display as follows:
Zoom the Display
Offset your vessel from the centre of the radar picture
Operation of these functions is described in Chapter 2.
Pathfinder Radar PLUS Display Options
In addition to the display set up options previously described, radar set up
options allow you to customise the radar image by selecting how radar marks
and Electronic Bearing Line (EBL) data are displayed. You can also specify
timed transmit mode and custom range scales.
The Screen Presentation Options, described in Chapter 2 allow you to switch
range rings on/off and waypoint display on/off.
Note: When you turn the display off and on again, the Screen Presentation set-
tings are retained in memory.
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