Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
Using the ST60 or
ST80 Navigator
Most of the alphanumeric keys are used to input multiple characters. Each
time you press one of these keys in succession, the next character on that key is
input. For example, each press of the
1 key alternately inputs A, B, C, then 1.
The Navigator’s arrow keys function much like the radar/chart display’s
trackpad, enabling you to move the cursor position or input alpha, numeric, or
special characters (. , - / ‘ & ).
ins key functions the same as the ENTER key on radar/chart display and
del inserts a space during edit mode.
Selecting an Entry in the Waypoint List
The Navigator can be used to select an existing item in the Waypoint List. This
can be accomplished using the arrow or alphanumeric keys.
To select an existing item in the Waypoint List:
1. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the selection bar up and down the
list to highlight the desired entry.
Press the alphanumeric key that contains the first letter or number of the
desired waypoint name. The selection bar moves to the entry starting with
that letter or number.
If more than one entry begins with that character, the selection bar moves
to the first one in the list. Each time the same key is pressed, the selection
bar moves to the entry starting with the next character on the key. If no
entry exists for that character, the entry starting with the nearest previous
character is selected. If the numeric value of the key is input when no
numeric entry exists, the selection bar moves to the first alpha entry.
For example, let’s say we have four waypoints named ORION,
POLARIS, QUANTUM, and 6-GUN. Pressing the opq/6 key four suc-
cessive times would select the waypoints ORION (O), POLARIS (P),
QUANTUM (Q), then 6-GUN (6). However, pressing the rst/7 key four
successive times would select QUANTUM for the first three key presses
because entries beginning with the associated letters do not exist and Q is
the next previous beginning letter. The fourth press of the rst/7 key would
select 6-GUN because no entries begin with a 7 and 6 is the next previous
beginning number.
2. Use the ins key like the display’s ENTER key, to close the Waypoint List.
del key and left and right arrow keys do not function in select mode.
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