Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
Position Offset
Changing the chart datum does not cause any waypoint or routes stored
in the chartplotter to move on the display, although their latitude and
longitude changes to reflect the new datum.
When adding waypoints numerically to the waypoint list, or via SeaTalk,
, it is important that they are referenced to the same datum
to which the display is currently set.
When you change datum selection, the system attempts to set any connected
GPS to the new mode, using SeaTalk and NMEA set up commands. A
message shows whether the set up was successful or not.
Position Offset
You can offset the vessel position to allow for differences between the GPS
and paper chart data. This may be useful if you are using a datum that is not
available on the Chartplotter, or if you are referring to a paper chart drawn to
unknown datum.
You can change the offset by moving the cursor to the known vessel position.
This offset is applied to all incoming position data. The default offset value is
When position offset is switched on, all displayed vessel position data is
(C) to indicate it has been corrected.
To switch the position offset on/off:
1. Select the
POSITION OFFSET option, then press the OFFSET OFF ON soft key
to toggle the option on/off. The last selected offset value is added to posi-
tion data and the vessel is displayed at the corrected position.
To set a new offset value:
1. Select the
POSITION OFFSET option, then press the SET UP OFFSET soft key.
If necessary, position offset is automatically toggled on.
2. Use the trackpad to move the cursor to the required vessel position; the cur-
sor position is displayed in a position offset data box.
3. Press the
ACCEPT OFFSET soft key, the vessel is displayed at the new posi-
tion. Press
ENTER to return to the default display.
To set the offset value to zero:
1. Select the
POSITION OFFSET option, then press the SET UP OFFSET soft key
2. Press the
CANCEL OFFSET soft key. The position offset value is set to zero.
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