Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

PLUS Series LCD Display
STC Preset
Under certain circumstances, it may be easier to adjust the display timing
with MBS (Main Bang Suppression) off; press the
MBS soft key to toggle
the setting
OFF. MBS is reset to ON automatically when you finish adjust-
ing the display timing.
STC Preset
The Sensitivity Time Control can be adjusted to equalise targets levels
across the display. The factory setting should provide an even display, but
if you find that targets are brighter or dimmer nearer the centre than at the
edge of the display, you can adjust this slider until the required display is
Note: Caution should be observed when adjusting this parameter as poor ad-
justment can adversely affect auto gain and sea controls.
Tune Preset
The radar tuning is controlled either automatically or manually using the
TUNE control (see Tuning the Receiver on page 3-9). However, this only
controls a restricted range of tuning values. If the actual tuning peak falls
outside this range, you will need to adjust the Tune Preset slider to move
the controlled range over the tuning peak.
Press the
INITIATE SET UP soft key to enable slider control, and adjust for
maximum image intensity.
If required, you can press the
RESTORE PREVIOUS soft key to reset the Tune
Preset to the value before you pressed
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