Raymarine Pathfinder Radar GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 8: Installation 8-31
Integrated System
8.9 Integrated System Checks
Chart Display - RL70 PLUS, RL70RC PLUS, RC520 PLUS
When you have connected your display unit to the required equipment ensure
that position data is available at the display via NMEA or SeaTalk.
To confirm your chartplotter is operating correctly, perform the following
1. Without a chart card installed, select the Chart display mode and select a
suitable range scale. Verify that the world map is visible.
Use the trackpad to check cursor movement and normal scrolling action.
2. To ensure that the display is responding to position data:
FIND SHIP, check the cursor is fixed on the vessel symbol which is cor-
rectly positioned at the center of the chart display.
3. Insert a chart cartridge for the area of your vessel.
Use the
RANGE key to zoom-in to check that the chart data is being dis-
Received Data
If either SeaTalk or NMEA In is connected, verify that the expected data is
1. Press
Check that the expected data is displayed.
2. If heading data is connected, select Chart mode and check it is displayed in
the heading data box, or select Radar mode and check heading is displayed
in the Status Bar.
Transmitted Data
If SeaTalk or NMEA Out is being transmitted to other equipment, check that
the data is being received correctly.
An NMEA Out connector is used to transmit navigation data. The NMEA
Output cable should be connected to the upper, left connector on the rear of the
display unit.
Note: The NMEA Output cable has a ferrite clamp attached to ensure EMC
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