Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

An incorrectly anchored tether strap could lead to
increased head motion and possible injury to the
child. Use only the anchor positions directly behind
the child seat to secure a child restraint top tether
Automatic-Locking Retractor (ALR)
The center seating position on vehicles equipped with a
second row bench seat is equipped with an Automatic-
Locking Retractor (ALR). Pull the belt from the retractor
until there is enough to allow you to pass through the
child restraint and slide the latch plate into the buckle.
Then pull on the belt until it is all removed from the
retractor. Allow the belt to return into the retractor,
pulling on the excess webbing to tighten the lap portion
about the child restraint. Follow the instructions of the
child restraint manufacturer.
NOTE: To reset this feature you must let all of the belt
webbing return into the retractor. You will not be able to
pull out more webbing until all of the webbing has been
returned back into the retractor.
Installing A Child Restraint
We urge that you carefully follow the directions of the
manufacturer when installing your child restraint. Many,
but not all, restraint systems will be equipped with
separate straps on each side, with each having a hook or
connector and a means for adjusting the tension in the
strap. Forward-facing toddler restraints and some
rearward-facing infant restraints will also be equipped
with a tether strap, a hook and means for adjusting the
tension in the strap.
In general, you will first loosen the adjusters on the lower
straps and tether straps so that you can more easily attach
the hook or connector to the lower anchorages and tether