Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

While holding the recirculation button, turn the igni-
tion switch to the “RUN” position.
Continue holding the recirculation button for 4 sec-
onds, then release.
The recirculation control is now programmed so that the
recirculation mode will not reset to the outside air mode
when the engine is restarted. The recirculation program-
ming can be changed back by repeating this procedure.
Rear Blower Operation
To operate the rear fan, press the ЉREARЉ button. The first
time this button is pressed the ЉREAR AUTOЉ display
will illuminate indicating that the rear fan speed is
automatically controlled. To manually control the rear
fan speed, press the ЉREARЉ button again and only
ЉREARЉ will illuminate in the display. This allows the rear
seat occupants to control the rear fan speed using the
switch located in the center console between the second
row seats. By pressing the ЉREARЉ button a third time,
the rear fan will shut off.
When the ATC display reads ЉREAR AUTOЉ or when the
rear fan is off, the switch located in the center console
between the second row seats is not functional. When the
ATC display reads ЉREARЉ, only the rear seat occupants
can control the rear fan speed from the rear switch. When
in the “REAR” mode, the rear occupants can set the rear
switch to any fan speed including ЉOFFЉ,orЉAUTOЉ.
While in the ЉAUTOЉ position, the rear fan speed will be
automatically controlled.
Summer Operation
The engine cooling system in air conditioned vehicles
must be protected with a high-quality antifreeze coolant
to provide proper corrosion protection and to protect
against engine overheating. A 50% solution of ethylene