Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Defrost Mode
Air comes from the windshield and side window demist
outlets. Use this setting when necessary to defrost your
windshield and side windows.
NOTE: For improved safety, the compressor is activated
and the recirculation mode is deactivated when Mix or
Defrost modes are selected. This is done to assist in
drying the air and it will help in keeping the windows
from fogging.
Manual Air Conditioning Operation
To turn on the air conditioning, set the front
blower control to any speed and press the A/C
button which is located next to the recirculation
button. An indicator light on the A/C button shows that
the air conditioning is on.
NOTE: The indicator light in the “POWER” button must
be on for the climate control system to operate.
Cool dehumidified air comes through the outlets selected
by the Mode Control. To turn off the air conditioning,
press the A/C button a second time. The indicator light
will turn off.
Defrost Outlets