Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Towing Tips Automatic Transmission
The “D” range can be selected when towing. However, if
frequent shifting occurs while in this range, the “3” range
should be selected.
NOTE: Using the “3” range while operating the vehicle
under heavy operating conditions will improve perfor-
mance and extend transmission life by reducing exces-
sive shifting and heat build up. This action will also
provide better engine braking.
The automatic transmission fluid and filter should be
changed if you REGULARLY tow a trailer for more than
45 minutes of continuous operation. See Schedule “B” in
section 8 of this manual for transmission fluid change
NOTE: Check the automatic transmission fluid level
before towing.
Towing Tips Electronic Speed Control (If
Don’t use in hilly terrain or with heavy loads.
When using the speed control, if you experience speed
drops greater than 10 mph (16 km/h), disengage until
you can get back to cruising speed.
Use speed control in flat terrain and with light loads to
maximize fuel efficiency.
Towing Tips Cooling System
To reduce potential for engine and transmission over-
heating, take the following actions:
City Driving
When stopped for short periods of time, put transmission
in neutral but do not increase engine idle speed.