Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

NOTE: When reinstalling the wheel center cap, insure
that the valve stem symbol on the back of the cap is
pointed toward the wheel valve stem. Install the center
cap using hand pressure only. Do not use a hammer.
Wheel Nuts
All wheel nuts should be tightened occasionally to elimi-
nate the possibility of wheel studs being sheared or the
bolt holes in the wheels becoming elongated. This is
especially important during the first few hundred miles
of operation, and after each time a tire is changed, to
allow the wheel nuts to become properly set. All nuts
should first be firmly seated against the wheel. The nuts
should then be tightened to recommended torque.
Tighten the nuts to final torque in increments. Progress
around the bolt circle, tightening the nut opposite to the
nut just previously tightened until final torque is
achieved. Recommended torque is 130 N·m (95 ft. lbs).
Do not attempt to push or tow your vehicle to get it started.
Vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission cannot be
started this way. Unburned fuel could enter the catalytic
converter and once the engine has started, ignite and damage
the converter and vehicle. If the vehicle has a discharged
battery, booster cables may be used to obtain a start from
another vehicle. This type of start can be dangerous if done
improperly, so follow this procedure carefully.
Battery fluid is a corrosive acid solution; do not allow battery
fluid to contact eyes, skin or clothing. Don’t lean over battery
when attaching clamps or allow the clamps to touch each other.
If acid splashes in eyes or on skin, flush contaminated area
immediately with large quantities of water.
A battery generates hydrogen gas which is flammable and
explosive. Keep flame or spark away from the vent holes. Do
not use a booster battery or any other booster source with an
output that exceeds 12 volts.
Take care to avoid the radiator cooling fan whenever the hood
is raised. Itcan start anytime theignition switch is on.You can
be hurt by the fan.