Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

Overfilling the brake fluid reservoir can result in
spilling brake fluid on hot engine parts and the
brake fluid catching fire.
Use of brake fluid that may have a lower initial
boiling point or unidentified as to specification,
may result in sudden brake failure during hard
prolonged braking. You could have an accident.
Use only brake fluid that has been in a tightly closed
container to avoid contamination from foreign matter or
Do not allow petroleum base fluid to contaminate
the brake fluid, all brake seal components could be
damaged causing partial or complete brake failure.
Fuel System Hoses
Electronic Fuel Injection high pressure fuel systems are
designed with hoses and quick connect fittings which
have unique material characteristics to provide adequate
sealing and resist attack by deteriorated gasoline.
You are urged to use only the manufacture specified
hoses with quick connect fittings, or their equivalent in
material and specification, in any fuel system servicing. It
is mandatory to replace any damaged hoses or quick
connect fittings that have been removed during service.