Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Channels that may contain objectionable content
can be blocked. Contact Sirius Customer Care at 888-539-
7474 to discuss options for channel blocking or unblock-
ing. Please have your ESN/SID information available.
Storing and Selecting Pre-Set Channels
In addition to the 10 AM and 10 FM pre-set stations, you
may also commit 10 satellite stations to push button
memory. These satellite channel pre-set stations will not
erase any AM or FM pre-set memory stations. Follow the
memory pre-set procedures that apply to your radio.
Using the PTY (Program Type) Button (If
Follow the PTY button instructions that apply to your
PTY Button ؆SCAN؆
When the desired program type is obtained, press the
ЉSCANЉ button within five seconds. The radio will play 7
seconds of the selected channel before moving to the next
channel of the selected program type. Press the ЉSCANЉ
button a second time to stop the search.
NOTE: Pressing the ЉSEEKЉ or ЉSCANЉ button while
performing a music type scan will change the channel by
one and stop the search. Pressing a pre-set memory
button during a music type scan, will call up the memory
channel and stop the search.
PTY Button ؆SEEK؆
When the desired program is obtained, press the ЉSEEKЉ
button within five seconds. The channel will change to
the next channel that matches the program type selected.