Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

windshield or side glass starts to impair visibility, press
the front blower button and increase the fan speed to
Recirculation Control
When the outside air contains smoke, odors,
high humidity, or if rapid cooling is desired
you may wish to recirculate interior air by
pressing the recirculation button. The recircu-
lation mode should only be used temporarily. The recir-
culate symbol will illuminate in the display when this
button is selected. Push the button a second time to allow
outside air into the vehicle.
NOTE: In cold weather, use of the recirculation mode
may lead to excessive window fogging. The recirculation
mode is not allowed in the Mix and Defrost modes to
improve window clearing operation. Recirculation will
be disabled automatically if these modes are selected.
A/C Recirculation Programming
The recirculation control is programmed to cancel the
recirculation mode when the ignition key is turned OFF
and will reset to the outside air mode when the ignition
key is turned “ON”. The frequent use of outside air will
help keep odors from building up within the air
conditioner-heater housing. It is recommended that the
recirculation mode be used as little as possible, especially
in humid climates.
For hot and dry climates, or people who are allergic to
pollen and find frequent use of the recirculation mode
necessary, the recirculation mode can be programmed to
not automatically reset to the outside mode by using the
following procedures:
Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
Press and hold the recirculation button.