Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

and a slight drop or fall away of the brake pedal at the
end of the stop.
These are all normal characteristics of ABS.
The Anti-Lock Brake System contains sophisticated
electronic equipment that may be susceptible to
interference caused by improperly installed or high
output radio transmitting equipment. This interfer-
ence can cause possible loss of anti-lock braking
capability. Installation of such equipment should be
performed by qualified professionals.
All vehicle wheels and tires must be the same size and
type and tires must be properly inflated to produce
accurate signals for the computer.
Your vehicle is equipped with an advanced electronic
brake control system that includes ABS (Anti-Lock Brake
System), TCS (Traction Control System), BAS (Brake
Assist System), ERM (Electronic Roll Mitigation) and ESP
(Electronic Stability Program). All systems work together
to enhance vehicle stability and control in various driving
conditions and are commonly referred to as ESP.
The ESP system enhances directional control and stabil-
ity of the vehicle under various driving conditions. ESP
corrects for over/under steering of the vehicle by apply-
ing the brake of the appropriate wheel to assist in
counteracting the over/under steer condition. Engine
power may also be reduced to help the vehicle maintain
the desired path. ESP uses sensors in the vehicle to
determine the vehicle path intended by the driver and
compares it to the actual path of the vehicle. When the
actual path does not match the intended path, ESP