Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

How The Airbag System Works
The Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) determines
if a frontal collision is severe enough to require the
airbags to inflate. Based on the level of collision
severity, the front control module determines the
proper rate of inflation. The front airbag inflators are
designed to provide different rates of airbag inflation.
The ORC may modify the rate of inflation based on the
occupant size provided by the Occupant Classification
The ORC will not detect side, roll over, or rear impacts.
The ORC monitors the readiness of the electronic parts
of the system whenever the ignition switch is in the
START or RUN positions. These include all of the
items listed above except the steering wheel and
column, instrument panel and passenger knee bol-
sters. If the key is in the OFF position, in the ACC
position, or not in the ignition, the airbags are not on
and will not inflate.
Also, the ORC turns on the AIRBAG warn-
ing light and PAD indicator light in the
center of the instrument panel for 6 to 8
seconds for a self-check when the ignition is
first turned on. After the self-check, the AIRBAG
warning light will turn off. The PAD indicator light
will function normally (Refer to “Passenger Airbag
Disable (PAD) Indicator Light” in this section). If the
ORC detects a malfunction in any part of the system, it
turns on the AIRBAG warning light either momen-
tarily or continuously. A single chime will sound if the
light comes on again after initial start up.