Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

On electronic vehicle information center (EVIC)
equipped vehicles refer to “Flash Lights On Lock/
Unlock?” under “Use Factory Settings?” in the EVIC
section of this manual.
On non EVIC - equipped vehicles perform the follow-
ing steps:
1. Perform this operation while standing outside the
2. Press and hold the LOCK button on your key fob.
3. Continue to hold the LOCK button, wait at least 4
seconds, but no longer than 10 seconds, then press and
hold the UNLOCK button. Release both buttons at the
same time.
4. To reactivate the feature, repeat this procedure.
5. If the programming procedure was unsuccessful see
your authorized dealer for programming assistance.
Using The Panic Alarm:
To activate the Panic mode while the ignition is OFF press
and release the PANIC button on the transmitter once.
When the Panic mode is activated, the interior lights will
illuminate, the headlamps and parking lights will flash,
and the horn will sound.
To cancel the Panic mode press and release the PANIC
button on the transmitter a second time. Panic mode will
automatically cancel after 3 minutes or if the vehicle is
started and exceeds 15 mph. During the Panic Mode, the
door locks and remote keyless entry systems will func-
tion normally. Panic mode will not disarm the security
system on vehicles so equipped.
NOTE: When you turn off the panic alarm by pressing
the PANIC button a second time, you may have to be
closer to the vehicle due to the radio frequency noises of
the system.