Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

A/C Air Filter If Equipped
On vehicles equipped with Automatic Temperature Con-
trol (ATC), the climate control system filters out dust and
pollen from the air. Refer to section 7 “Air Conditioning”
for filter replacement instructions.
Outside Temperature Display
The outside temperature can be shown in the ATC
display by pressing the ЉOUTSIDE TEMPЉ button. After
pressing this button, the front seat passenger’s tempera-
ture setting display will be replaced with the current
outside temperature. Press the ЉOUTSIDE TEMPЉ button
again or press the passenger’s ЉTEMPЉ button to return
the display to the passenger’s temperature setting.
Electric Rear Window Defroster
Press this button to turn on the rear window
defroster and the heated side mirrors. A light in
the button will illuminate to indicate the rear window
defroster is ON. The defroster automatically turns off
after about 10 minutes of operation.
To avoid damaging the electrical conductors of the
rear window defroster, do not use scrapers, sharp
instruments, or abrasive window cleaners on the
interior surface of the window.
Labels can be peeled off after soaking with warm