Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

3. Insert the pins on the ends of the cover into the slots
located on the trim panel behind the third row seatbacks.
4. Grasp the center portion of the cover flap. Pull it over
the cargo area.
5. Insert the pins on the ends of the cover flap into the
slots on the rear trim panel.
6. The liftgate may be opened or closed with the cargo
cover in place.
Cargo Tie-Down Hooks
The tie-downs located on cargo area floor and on the rear
trim panels should be used to safely secure loads when
vehicle is moving.
Cargo tie-down hooks are not safe anchors for a
child seat tether strap. In a sudden stop or colli-
sion a hook could pull loose and allow the child
seat to come loose. A child could be badly injured.
Use only the anchors provided for child seat
The weight and position of cargo and passengers
can change the vehicle center of gravity and
vehicle handling. To avoid loss of control result-
ing in personal injury, follow these guidelines for
loading your vehicle:
Always place cargo evenly on the cargo floor. Put
heavier objects as low and as far forward as possible.