Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

The Passenger Airbag Disabled (PAD) Indicator
Light indicates to the driver and passenger when the
airbag is turned OFF in the presence of a properly
seated occupant. When the PAD indicator light is
illuminated, the airbag is OFF. Also, when the Occu-
pant Classification System (OCS) detects either an
empty seat of a weight less than the predetermined
occupant threshold, the ORC will not illuminate the
PAD indicator light even though the airbag is turned
off. When the OCS detects an adult the PAD indicator
light will be off, and the airbag will be enabled.
The Belt Tension Sensor (BTS) is located at the
outboard passenger lap belt anchor. The BTS generates
a signal based on outboard lap belt tension. This signal
is sent to the OCM to ensure that the resultant bladder
pressure increase due to applied lap belt tension does
not cause a small occupant to be classified as a larger
The Bladder Assembly is located beneath the seat
cushion foam. The pressure sensor sends a signal to
the OCM.
The front passenger seat assembly contains critical com-
ponents that affect the front passenger airbag deploy-
ment. Correctly functioning front passenger seat compo-
nents are critical for the Occupant Classification System
(OCS) to properly classify the front passenger and calcu-
late the proper airbag deployment. Do not make any
modifications to the front passenger seat components,
assembly, or to the seat cover.