Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

about 30 milliseconds (about one quarter of the time it
takes to blink your eyes) with enough force to injure
you if you are not belted and seated properly, or if
items are positioned in the area where the window bag
inflates. This especially applies to children. The win-
dow bag is only about 3
inches (9 cm) thick when it
is inflated.
When the ORC and the impact sensors detect a
collision requiring the Driver Inflatable Knee
Blocker, it signals the inflator unit. A quantity of
nontoxic gas is generated to inflate the Driver Inflat-
able Knee Blocker. The Driver Inflatable Knee Blocker
inflates rearward towards the driver’s knees to help
protect the knees and position you for the best inter-
action with the front airbag. The Driver Inflatable
Knee Blocker fully inflates in about 50 milliseconds,
this is only about half of the time it takes you to blink
your eyes. It then quickly deflates while helping to
protect the driver’s knees.
The Knee Impact Bolsters help protect the knees, and
position everyone for the best interaction with the
front airbag.
If your vehicle contains a Passenger Airbag Disable
indicator light, it will be equipped with the Occupant
Classification System (OCS). The OCS system will
classify an occupant into a size category based on
sensor readings from within the seat cushion. Occu-
pants should try to remain in a normally seated
position. If the occupant’s weight is transferred to
another object in the vehicle (i.e. feet on the dash-
board), the OCS may not be able to properly approxi-
mate occupant size. Furthermore, the occupant size
may appear to increase or decrease due to objects
hanging on the seat, other passengers pushing on the
seat, or objects lodged underneath the seat.