Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

which numbered position the disc will be loaded into.
The disc will automatically be pulled into the CD/DVD
3. Upon insertion, the disc will begin to play, and the
light below the loading slot will turn off. On vehicles
equipped with the premium version the light above the
chosen button will remain illuminated.
4. Repeat the process for loading any additional CD/
DVDs into the premium version multi-disc changer. The
CD/DVD changer will stop while additional CD/DVDs
are loaded.
If the radio volume control is ON, the unit will switch
from radio to CD/DVD mode and the video screen will
turn on. If the DVD supports the autoplay feature, play
will begin automatically in approximately 10 seconds,
after the DVD disc menu is displayed. If the DVD does
not play automatically, press the ENTER button on the
remote control or on the side of the video screen to select
play from the menu options. The radio display will show
the chapter number and index time in hours and minutes
of the DVD, or the track number, minutes and second of
the CD.
You may eject a disc with the radio OFF.
If you insert a disc with the ignition ON and the radio
OFF, the DVD will automatically be pulled into the
DVD changer and the display will show the time of
It is recommended to label home made burned discs
with a permanent marker instead of adhesive labels.
These types of labels may become loose and cause the
disc to be stuck in the DVD player. This may cause
permanent damage to the DVD mechanism.