Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

NOTE: If the SECURITY light stays on continuously
during vehicle operation, have the system checked by
your dealer.
To Disarm the System:
Use the Keyless Entry transmitter to unlock the door. If
something has triggered the system in your absence, the
horn will sound three times when you unlock the doors
and the security lamp will flash for 30 seconds. Check the
vehicle for tampering.
The Security system will also disarm, if the vehicle is
started with a programmed Sentry Key. If an unpro-
grammed Sentry Key is used to start a vehicle, the engine
will run for 2 seconds and then the security alarm will be
initiated. To exit alarming mode, press the transmitter
Unlock button, or start the vehicle with a programmed
Sentry Key.
The Security Alarm System is designed to protect your
vehicle; however, you can create conditions where the
system will arm unexpectedly. If you remain in the
vehicle and lock the doors with the transmitter, the alarm
will sound when you pull the door handle to exit. The
door will be locked but the Security Alarm will not arm.
Tamper Alert
If the horn sounds 3 times when you unlock a front door
using either a key or the Keyless Entry Transmitter, the
alarm has been activated. Check the vehicle for tamper-
Security System Manual Override
The system will not arm if you lock the doors using the
manual door lock plunger.