Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

seconds and do not repeat Step One to program a second
and/or third hand-held transmitter to the remaining two
HomeLink buttons.
2. Position the end of your hand-held transmitter 1-3
inches (3-8 cm) away from the HomeLink buttons while
keeping the indicator light in view.
3. Simultaneously press and hold both the HomeLink
button that you want to train and the hand-held trans-
mitter buttons. Do not release the buttons until Step
Four has been completed.
NOTE: Some gate operators and garage door openers
may require you to replace this Programming Step 3 with
procedures noted in the ЉGate Operator/Canadian Pro-
grammingЉ section.
4. The HomeLink indicator light will flash slowly and
then rapidly after HomeLink successfully receives the
frequency signal from the hand-held transmitter and the
EVIC display will show “Channel X Training” (where X
is Channel 1, 2, or 3). Release both buttons after the
indicator light changes from the slow to the rapid flash or
the EVIC display shows “Channel X Trained”.
NOTE: If the EVIC display shows “Did Not Train”
repeat steps 2–4.
Homelink Buttons