Chrysler 2007 Pacifica Automobile User Manual

The front blower control can be set to any fixed
blower speed by pressing the rocker switch up or
down. This allows the front occupants to control the
volume of air circulated in the vehicle and cancel the auto
mode. The fan will now operate at a fixed speed until
additional speeds are selected or until either the ЉAUTO
HIЉ or ЉAUTO LOЉ buttons are pressed. The system will
continue to automatically adjust air temperature and
airflow distribution.
The operator can also select the direction of the air by
pressing the mode control rocker switch located to the
left of the A/C button and selecting one of the following
Panel Mode
Air comes from the outlets in the instrument panel. Each of
these outlets can be individually adjusted to direct the flow
of air. Moving the knob up, down, left, or right will direct the
air accordingly. The thumbwheel next to each outlet can be
rotated to reduce or shut off the air flow from these outlets.
Panel Outlets